April Section News

The North Texas Section met on 19 April at Ernie’s Seafood in Ft. Worth. There were 19 members and guests in attendance to hear speaker Patrick Jenkins’ presentation on the topic “Magnetic Domain Movement & Current Requirements”. Patrick R. Jenkins is Founder & President Magwerks Corporation. Pat holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Magwerks Corporation is an Indianapolis, Indiana based company that specializes in building standard and custom equipment for the field of Magnetic Particle Inspection. In addition to the MPI machines, Magwerks produces a complete line of demagnetizers, high output black lighting, measurement instruments & calibration tools. Pat’s presentation had numerous animated illustrations showing the magnetic domains and their actions within ferromagnetic material. One example is a ferromagnetic garnet demonstration in which the device uses polarized light and Faraday Effect to view the magnetization of domains in a ferromagnetic garnet which has the property of rotating the plane of polarization of the light by an angle dependent on its magnetization. Pat brought with him a couple items for hands on demonstration purposes’, an audio amplifier with the input wired to an air core coil. When a piece of oriented-grain silicon steel is place with the coil and stressed by bending, the stress is picked up and reproduced as sound. The other item Pat brought was a Helmholtz Coil and power supply that is used for magnetometer calibration. Pat demonstrated the major inaccuracy between analog magnetometers and the different brands of manufactures. The presentation stimulated many questions for Pat at the conclusion. The attendees were appreciative to Pat Jenkins for bringing up areas of concern to be scrutinized when auditing or performing MT inspections. The meeting concluded with the drawing of the door prizes, donated by the NTX Section as well as coffee mugs given out by Magwerks.
Pat Jenkins holding Certificate of Appreciation from the ASNT North Texas Section