March Section News

The North Texas Section met on 20th of March at Ernie’s Seafood in Ft. Worth. There were 17 members who attended the dinner and the meeting to hear ASNT Fellow Ron Botsko speak on the topic “History of Bondtesting”. The presentation consisted of a general overview of bondtesting/bondtesters dating from the 1940's to the present, with some ideas about where the technology was headed in the future. Mr. Botsko has co-authored three seminal microwave NDT sections in the 1986 edition of the ASNT "Electromagnetics Handbook". He has authored two ASM/ASNT NDT tutorial booklets on specialized NDT methods involving sonics, infrared, acoustic emission, microwaves, optical holography, acoustic holography, and discussions of lesser-known methods. He has also co-authored sections on thermal/infrared and acoustic holography in the two ASNT Handbooks, "Specialized Nondestructive Testing Methods" and "Nondestructive Testing Overview This meeting turned into a special event with the attendance of Ward Rummel, ASNT gold medal recipient and Fellow and Don Cosgrove, region 10 director, and Fellow; as well as having Ron Botsko as the speaker. All three have made major contributions to nondestructive inspection technologies, advancing local ASNT sections and national ASNT through their careers.
(Left to Right) Ward Rummel, Ron Botsko and Region 10 Director Don Cosgrove Sr.