Online Presentations

Example Online Presentation

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The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the viability of online presentations for ASNT meetings, especially with the purpose of satisfying technical requirements of earning level III points. This process could ultimately be administered by ASNT National. Each month they could record one or two particularly useful technical talks being presented around the country at local meetings. The talks could be viewed by personnel and using online verification, they could be credited for technical attendance.

For struggling chapters this could allow for a reduction in meetings to two or three significant meetings each year. These "power meetings" could provide for networking, sales contacts, social time and a quality speaker. For persons beyond drivable meeting distance, the video presentations could finally provide a way to keep up with the technical changes.

If necessary, I am confident that most level III personnel would be willing to make a slight adjustment in yearly dues to provide for the recording, production and adminstration of these technical videos. This is the way of the future. We can lead or we can follow.

---Ray Cosgrove, North Texas Section ASNT

Note: It is recognized that there is room for improvement in the technique of the video recording, but these details are readily improvable.