Julien Noel - Biographical Information

Julien has been involved with Computed Tomography for 5 years in Europe and in the US for scientific and industrial applications. Formerly an engineer in a French CT software company, Julien is now with North Star Imaging, an NDT company based in Rogers,MN and in Houston, TX. North Star Imaging is an expert in the design and manufacturing of high resolution digital systems for industrial radiography and computed tomography. Computed Tomography is a recent technology using X-rays for the inspection and the 3D digitization of manufacturing parts. Tremendous developments in hardware and software have made CT reconstruction faster and more accurate for use in quality inspection, material analysis, reverse engineering and measurements. The latest features and algorithm are used for high volume in-line CT inspection during production and 3D real-time comparison with CAD model for exhaustive metrology control.

This presentation will cover the following :