Mike Giannini - Biographical Information

Mike Giannini started his career in non-destructive testing in 1973 as a Magnaflux Field Engineer. After five years at Magnaflux he worked at Republic Steel South Chicago in the Inspection Dept., where he concentrated on personnel training and qualification. He worked as a Regional Salesman for Satec Systems (now a part of ITW Instron) selling physical testing equipment before starting his own sales rep firm. After twenty-five years as an independent sales representative he rejoined Magnaflux in 2006 where he is a Business Development Manager. Mike graduated from Michigan Tech with a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering.

In 2007 Mike helped to complete the acquisition of Quasar International, a manufacturer of Process Compensated Resonant Inspection Systems. The talk will describe how PCRI changes the approach to nondestructive inspection and defect definition. He will also talk about the new Ultrasonic Gaging products that have been added to the Magnaflux Equipment Line.