Roger Walters - Biographical Information

Roger Walters has been a long time member of the ASNT North Texas Section. He has been engaged in nondestructive testing in the DFW metroplex area since the 1960’s. Historically, Roger has been employed by General Dynamics, Bell Helicopter, Brown and Root (Commanche Peak Nuclear Station), Trinity Industries, various independent labs and covered 5 states as an NDT equipment technical sales representative. He is an ASNT Level III.

Presentation for Sep 17, 2005

Topic: Railroad ATSI: Advanced Technology Safety Initiative

The nation's freight railroads have announced an initiative that will use innovative trackside testing technology to improve safety and efficiency on the rail network by giving freight car owners advance warning when freight car wheels are deteriorating.

The first effort under the new initiative is the use of data from wheel impact load detectors (WILD) to monitor the health of railcar wheels. When a freight car wheel exerts a peak impact load of 90 kips or above as measured by a WILD site, it is not operating effectively, is considered "out of round" and on the path to failure.